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What Is An Expungement Lawyer
What Is An Expungement Lawyer

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Expungement Lawyers – Can They Really Make a Difference?

So, can an expungement lawyer really make a difference? Yes! An expungement lawyer could help you erase past mistakes from your criminal record, allowing you to start a new chapter. Record expungement can be a complex process, which is why expungement lawyers can be of great assistance.

Can Expungement Lawyers Make a Difference?

An expungement lawyer is an attorney that specializes in expunging criminal records. Expungement attorneys are often sought out by people with criminal histories who have been exonerated or have completed their sentence.

So, can an expungement lawyer really make a difference? Yes! An expungement lawyer could help you erase past mistakes from your criminal record, allowing you to start a new chapter. Record expungement can be a complex process, which is why expungement lawyers can be of great assistance.

Not only do expungement attorneys understand the process, but they also possess knowledge about how to win your case and get your records expunged. Read on for more information about expungement lawyers, what they can do, when to contact them, and more!

What Is An Expungement Lawyer?

An expungement lawyer is a legal professional that specializes in expunging your criminal record. If you have been charged with a crime and the charges were dropped or the case was won, then expunging your records can help to clear any negative blemishes on your character and give you back control over who has access to them.

In addition to expunging criminal records, an expungement lawyer can also help you seal your record. This is of great benefit in allowing you to move forward following past mistakes and start a new chapter of life.

What Type of Criminal Charges Can Be Expunged?

An expungement lawyer could help you clear past criminal charges from your record, including:

– Drunk Driving (DWI)

Drug possession or distribution

– Theft crimes (shoplifting, forgery, burglary), etc.

– Misdemeanor charges

– Juvenile expungement (can be expunged after a certain age)

Expert expungement lawyers can also help to expunge juvenile records. These are often sealed immediately at the time of filing and expunged after a certain amount of time has passed if no further offenses were committed.

Expungement lawyers can also expunge your arrest records, which may help you to obtain a job or housing that requires an extensive background check and has strict standards for previous run-ins with the law. Expunging your arrest record will ensure that future employers see only what they need to know: whether you have been convicted of a crime, which expungement lawyers can help with.

Who Can Benefit From Hiring An Expungement Lawyer?

If you have been wrongly charged with a crime and the charges were dropped, expungement lawyers can help you to expunge your records. Expunging past criminal convictions helps those who were convicted move forward from their mistakes and start fresh after completing their sentence or being exonerated of all wrongdoing.

Hiring an expungement attorney can also be beneficial for you if you are unable to expunge your records yourself. Though expunging criminal charges may seem straightforward, expungement laws vary by state and can be quite complex.

Expunging records is a complicated process that often requires legal expertise to get the best results possible. Because of this, hiring an expungement lawyer could prove beneficial for you.

When Should You Contact An Expungement Lawyer?

Expungment LawyersIf you have been cleared of all wrongdoing, expunging your records is the best way to clear any lingering blemishes on your record. If expungement is not possible due to extenuating circumstances (such as a prior felony conviction), then sealing criminal records could be beneficial for you in this situation.

When trying to get expunged or sealed, expungement lawyers can help you to make sure that your records are expunged in the most efficient and beneficial way possible.

When expunging criminal charges, it is important to do so as soon as possible after all of the necessary legal proceedings have concluded (i.e., case closed).

Expunging records is a complicated process that often requires legal expertise, expungement lawyers can help to make sure your criminal records are expunged in the most efficient and beneficial way possible.

Expunging Your Criminal Records

There may be some restrictions on expunging certain charges depending on state laws regarding expungements of felony convictions or misdemeanor charges.

For expunging misdemeanors, expungement is generally possible after a certain amount of time has elapsed following the end of your sentence (if any). Expunging felonies requires much more extensive action and can often only be expunged posthumously.

If you feel that expunging your record or sealing it would benefit you in some way, contact an expungement lawyer to see what options are available for clearing past criminal charges from your public records.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Expungement Lawyer?

Filing for expungement yourself may seem straightforward. However, there could be many different factors at play depending on the state laws where the conviction occurred and if this particular charge was charged as a felony or misdemeanor.

Expunging your criminal records may seem like a daunting task. The legal experts at The Criminal Record Eraser can help to simplify the process, ensuring that all of your legal bases are covered. Expunging past convictions helps those who were convicted move forward from their mistakes instead of being held back by them for the rest of their lives.

The benefits certainly outweigh any potential costs associated with hiring an expungement attorney since you could be saving yourself much more money down the road if you expunge your criminal records successfully.

Limitations Of Expungement Lawyers

Expunging past convictions is possible for those who were convicted of misdemeanors in most states. However, expunging felony charges can be much more difficult depending on the state laws where the conviction occurred.

In some cases expunging your past convictions can be possible for those who were convicted of felonies in certain states. Expungement lawyers provide a valuable service that could save you time and money when expunging criminal records successfully.

Expungement lawyers are not able to erase violent felonies or sex crimes from your criminal record. These offenses are not eligible for expungement in any state.

Understanding the Expungement Process

So, what happens when you work with an expungement lawyer to clear your criminal record?

Determine Eligibility

First, the expungement lawyer must determine if your charge is eligible for an expungment. This is usually dependent on the state laws where the conviction occurred.

If an expungement lawyer determines that you were convicted of a felony instead of a misdemeanor,  they may not be able to help you with clearing past criminal charges from your record.

Clearing the Criminal Record

After verifying that you are eligible for expungement, the expungement lawyer can then begin the process of clearing your criminal record.

Each state has specific laws regarding how to go about filing for an expungement. However, most states follow similar procedures in making sure that all required documents are included and filed correctly with the court.

Once submitted, it may be necessary to wait some time before you hear back from the judge overseeing your case.

Sealing the Criminal Record

If you were granted an expungement for your criminal charges, then all records of the conviction will have been sealed and hidden from public view.

Certain parties are able to see these past convictions. However, they won’t show up on background checks or other common searches online anymore.

Certain jobs may require a conditional offer before requesting employment details. This can include any past arrests or convictions in your record.

Why You Should Consider Record Expungement

Having an expungement or record seal can be incredibly beneficial to your individual circumstances. For example, having a conviction removed from your criminal record could help you in getting accepted for certain jobs.

If the crime was minor and not violent in nature, it may not affect job prospects at all if cleared of these charges through an expungement lawyer.

However, some companies still choose to do background checks on potential employees. This means past convictions are always available even after an expungement from public court records.

Other reasons why hiring an expungement attorney might be right for you include:

helping with passing certain professional licensing exams;

getting approval for certain loans;

gaining custody of your children in some cases.

Expungement lawyers can help you get the most out of clearing past criminal charges from your record. They do so by following the appropriate state laws regarding expungements. Expungment laws vary by state depending on where they were charged originally.

Related Questions

Can I hire a non-degree legal professional for record expungement?

No, only lawyers can offer this service. They must have through training in all applicable state laws before beginning work on your case. It is best to hire a lawyer who specializes in record expungement to achieve an optimal outcome.

Why can’t I get an expungement for my felony?

Many states only allow for the removal of misdemeanor charges from public access through the filing of criminal records. Some may consider certain felonies as too serious in nature. This is why they are not eligible for this type of legal recourse.

Who has access to sealed documents after record expungement?

Sealed court documents are typically hidden from all types of general searches online. There are some instances where parties with a legitimate reason have the right to see these past convictions or arrests. However, they will no longer show up on background checks.

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